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AN EXCELLENT END: The Cost and Reward of Academic Writing.

Concerning writing composition, being conscientious about one’s audience is critical. Many times it is easy to oscillate one’s parlance between poles of simplistic or complex excess — necessitating a great deal of revision. Besides good grammar, a balance between economically composed text and sophisticated content makes for easy, stimulating, and satisfying reading. For that reason, the author finds it challenging to negotiate between these two ends during the writing process—always looking for ways to further simplify his work like an elegant equation.

In the case of Academic formatting, it is tedious straddling three formats in the interdisciplinary employ of different subjects. Switching between the APA, MLA, and Chicago formats is no little task—surely to result in eventual brain injury and hospitalization. That said, faithful recall of specific tech specs such as titling, headers, and citations make formatting a daunting task. Therefore, the author is grateful for online applications which aid in generating citations, making life less laborious. In sum, generating a text, grooming its content, and dressing its details with academic formatting is an indispensable part of the writing process. It is the stuff of good work. Nevertheless, for the survivors of academic pedantry, there is consolation in the possible prize of peer-reviewed publications.  

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