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Job: Betrayed by God? Delivered to the devil?

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Has the book of Job ever left you unsure about the goodness of God? If so—you’re not alone. Most Christian traditions, and the people who formed them, believe Job to be a book about a man tested by God in response to Satan’s challenge. However, a more honest synopsis of the Christian interpretation of Job is about a faithful man betrayed by God—and delivered to the devil. 

In this book, authors Tassos Lycurgo and Jai Jind tackle the tough questions regarding the Book of Job, offering a Biblical perspective that proves God not to be the instigator of Job’s suffering—but the intervener. Through an interpretive approach that accounts for the “whole counsel of God,” readers will gain a new understanding of one of the least understood books of the Bible. 

Job: Betrayed by God? Delivered to the devil? is an essential resource for Christians who share the conviction that God is good, irrespective of the Church’s historical interpretation of the Book of Job. This book is a one-of-a-kind work, defending the character of God and possessing the potential to heal the wounds caused through centuries of the Church’s misunderstanding of this ancient book of the Bible. 

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