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Updated: Jan 31, 2018

VIVIR.AMAR.DAR. Vivir es amar, y amar es dar. Este lema encarna el espíritu de nuestra marca, que se dedica a dar a través de lo recaudado por nuestras ventas, con la misión de proporcionar a los jóvenes desfavorecidos, una educación para cambiar su vida en el tercer mundo. Al enseñar a los niños su valor intrínseco y su lugar significativo en la tierra, estamos cambiando sus vidas atraves de cambiar sus mentes. ————————————————————————————————————————

LIVE.LOVE.GIVE. To live is to love—and to love is to give. This slogan embodies the ethos of our brand, which is dedicated to giving through what we get—providing underprivileged youth with life changing education in the third world. By teaching children their intrinsic value and meaningful place in this world, we are changing lives by changing minds. #generaciontransformacion #charity #instagood #livelovegive #fashion #love #guatemala #canada #amor #caridad

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Writer, artist, freethinker. I love to travel and live life, making the best of what I have and helping others achieve the same. I am passionate about all things beautiful, that goodness that traverses the triune axes of human existence--mind, body, and spirit. Through my education and experience I endeavor to present my opinion on issues from an informed perspective, relishing in the humility of uncertainty in favor of truth and objectivity. While none of us are free from the worldviews which shape our sight--we should never be afraid to test the assumptions that build them. This is the stuff of true faith. Selah.



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