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When undertaking a project, regardless of its size or task--it always helps to do a little planning, first. As it is written,

Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it (Hab 2:4).

In other words--if you have a plan: map it out, so that every step in the process gets guided on an immovable track. Ironically, I felt impressed to write this meditation on task management and mission planning to adequately prep myself for task management and mission planning. By the time this gets completed, it will have undergone innumerable editions as its very purpose in premature publication is to spur me to my best creative behavior. Therefore, for those unfortunate enough to be reading this article in its infant, unedited state--pardon the poop.


I find that we tend to auto-educate when thoroughly thinking things through. In my case, materializing my meditations in some published format is the most effective method for several reasons.

First, the digitizing of thought allows me to turn my ideas into tools. I capture, tame, and domesticate them for personal gain through their systematic classification, organization and edition. The mining and manufacture of mind is truly enriching, as we can draw from our physical repository of intellectual property and transmit things into physical reality.

Second, my inner narcissist motivates me to produce acceptable material through the reward of publication. Initially by digital issue; and ultimately--in print. That said, I'm purposely publishing this article prematurely to spur myself to excellence through the fear of public shaming.

To be continued...

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