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Truth is Change

"To love truth, is to love change" -- Raymond Reiche

Don't be afraid of where the truth takes you because truth has nothing to hide. Real faith is founded on truth claims put to the test, ideas tested by fire. When we confine ourselves to our ideological commitments--shackled to the fetters of untested beliefs--our faith will fail. If we're afraid of evaluating the philosophical grounds on which we stand, we'll do anything to protect our worldviews: the conceptual frameworks through which view life. We end up embracing evidence that favors our ideas and attacking anything that threatens them, placing ourselves into intellectual bondage.

While it may seem expedient to protect one's worldview from unbridled critique, ideological protectionism does nothing more than create emotional hypochondriacs: people who fear any and everything that runs cross-grain to their way of thinking. Such mindsets breed intolerance, indignation--and violence. Historically, this holds true for theists and non-theists alike. That said, the true measure of an ideology, "the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual..."lies in its substance in theory and practice, in empirical study and existential praxis.


"Amar la verdad, es amar el cambio" - Raymond Reiche

No tengas miedo de donde te lleve la verdad porque la verdad no tiene nada que ocultar. La verdadera fe se basa en afirmaciones de verdad puestas a prueba, ideas probadas por fuego. Cuando nos limitamos a nuestros compromisos ideológicos, encadenados a las cadenas de creencias no probadas, nuestra fe fracasará. Si tenemos miedo de evaluar las bases filosóficas en las que nos encontramos, haremos cualquier cosa para proteger nuestras cosmovisiones: los marcos conceptuales a través de los cuales vemos la vida. Terminamos abrazando pruebas que favorecen nuestras ideas y atacan todo lo que las amenaza, colocándonos en esclavitud intelectual.

Si bien puede parecer conveniente proteger la visión del mundo de una crítica desenfrenada, el proteccionismo ideológico no hace más que crear hipocondríacos emocionales: personas que temen a todo lo que sea transversal a su forma de pensar. Tales mentalidades generan intolerancia, indignación y violencia. Históricamente, esto es válido tanto para teístas como para no teístas. Dicho esto, la verdadera medida de una ideología, "el cuerpo de doctrina, mito, creencia, etc., que guía a un individuo ..." radica en su sustancia en la teoría y la práctica, en el estudio empírico y la praxis existencial.

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Writer, artist, freethinker. I love to travel and live life, making the best of what I have and helping others achieve the same. I am passionate about all things beautiful, that goodness that traverses the triune axes of human existence--mind, body, and spirit. Through my education and experience I endeavor to present my opinion on issues from an informed perspective, relishing in the humility of uncertainty in favor of truth and objectivity. While none of us are free from the worldviews which shape our sight--we should never be afraid to test the assumptions that build them. This is the stuff of true faith. Selah.



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