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HUE HOTEL - Concrete Concept


[ boo-teek ]

After having lived in Hue now for some months--and having been contracted as conceptor" for my friend's hotel--I decided to start the undertaking of this task with some creative writing.

Conceiving a boutique hotel concept that is both fantastic and functional is no easy task. Nevertheless, I endeavor to do so with excellence and enjoyment at every step of the way. That said, I will start seeding this concept with some brief thoughts regarding the city, the cite, the competition, and the key to success.


The old imperial capital of two ruling dynasties, Hue is hailed as home to some of Vietnam's most historic buildings of times past, giving the city a distinct architectural profile.

Situated in central Vietnam, Hue serves as stopping point for many travelers making there along the coast. A quick search online will show the recommended stay in Hue to be no more than two days, making the choice of a memorable accommodation essential.

Therefore, as concerns the tourist market, hotel choice--and price--is largely governed by its value within the greater circuit of a given tour of Vietnam, making a lodge's reputation vital.

SITE: Hue Square

The project site sits alongside the "walking street" in Hue's Central Business District. This makes the hotel a top choice for travelers and tour agencies keen on having lodging that lies right in the heart of Hue's tourist district.

Furthermore, the Le Loi Street location virtually guarantees walk-in traffic from local and non-locals alike, making a multiplex approach ideal.

THE COMPETITION: Local Hotels and Resorts

In the shadow of highly developed tourist destinations like Da Nang, Hue sits positioned to rise to its place along the Vietnamese coastal circuit. Hue's hotel scene, relative to other major tourist destinations, is dominated with a relatively unimpressive array of B - C grade operations.

With the exception of the Azerai, Indochine, and recent Vinpearl Hotel, the selection of true 5-star international urban selections is few and far between. This lack of quality lodging leaves a significant market gap for novel, smaller-scale, boutique offerings.

With a focus on Occidental tourism, the Hue Square project is poised to a take significant market position on the condition of the aforementioned qualities listed above. That said, the the success of this enterprise is contingent under the following conditions:


For Hue Square to compete against the city's larger, highly funded hotels and resorts it will need to rely on its building design, business concept, and customer service.



[ yoo-neek ]

What distinguishes a Picasso from a no-name painting has more to do with the arrangement of paints rather than their cost. While a master crafts-person must select good materials to begin with, she must nevertheless ensure that it's her craftsmanship that sells. This is common sense economics, if not evolution itself.

That said, in a such competitive market, the budgetary limitations on building design must be overcome through intelligent ingenuity; the only way to defeat the giants is by possessing qualities unique to the building--to take one's lion's share of the market. Such qualities come to mind when considering some of the following key words:

  • Novel - a new approach

  • Integrated multiplex - unity in diversity

  • Vintage - an appreciation of ancestry in architecture and culture

  • Historic - a respect for tradition

  • Modern - an embrace of the future

  • An eye for art - conspicuous attention to trends, details, and fashion trends.

  • An ear for music - an acute awareness of harmonic

  • Eco-friendly - Thunberg-friendly


"We may not be the cheapest, but we are best."


-Fair priced, high value

Social Status

-A class accommodation at a fraction of the price


Service Ethos

"Whatever, whenever (in good taste)." This is the mantra of the W Hotel, which speaks volumes of a service oriented operation. One major market gap in Vietnam is the lack of personal responsibility / ownership taken up by staff to...[...]

To be continued.

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