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Love Lives--Beyond the Grave.

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Todos buscamos la felicidad. Es la gran lucha de la vida. De hecho, todo ser viviente busca lo mismo: mantenerse vivo y dejar de sufrir. Las fuerzas entrópicas de la muerte y la descomposición acaban con todo y nosotros hacemos todo lo posible para escapar de esto. Parecería que el juego está arreglado, que la muerte es inevitable, sin embargo, la forma en que enfrentamos la muerte está determinada por la forma en que afrontamos la vida. Nuestras decisiones y lo que hacemos con nuestras vidas, es lo que nos permite vivir más allá del miedo a morir. Y la mejor elección de todo-es el amor.

Cuando experimentamos el amor: familiar, fraternal y conyugal, entramos en contacto cada vez más con su poder subyacente e inmanente; animando a nuestras almas y dando vida a nuestros espíritus. El amor no solo nos une en la vida: derrota la muerte en nuestros corazones. En resumen, el amor es vida. Inspira, consuela y excita; da esperanza y siembra los sueños que buscamos. El amor nos baña con propósito y nos fundamenta en el bien. Y es este amor, el que aceptamos y compartimos en nuestra vida, es un amor que nunca muere.—————————————————————————————————————————We are all in pursuit of happiness. It is the great struggle of life. In fact, every living thing is seeking the same: to stay alive and to cease from suffering. The entropic forces of death and decay eat away at everything—and we do everything we can to escape it. It would seem that the game is fixed, that death is inevitable, yet how we face death is determined by how we faced life. And what we do with our lives—the choices we make—is what let’s us live beyond the grave. And the greatest choice of all—is love.

When we experience love: familial, fraternal, and conjugal we increasingly come into contact with its underlying, immanent power; animating our souls and giving life to our spirits. Love not only unites us in life—it defeats death in our hearts. In sum, love is life. It inspires, comforts, and excites; it gives hope and seeds the dreams that we seek. Love bathes us with purpose and grounds us in goodness. And it is love—the love we accept and share in this life—which never dies.

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Writer, artist, freethinker. I love to travel and live life, making the best of what I have and helping others achieve the same. I am passionate about all things beautiful, that goodness that traverses the triune axes of human existence--mind, body, and spirit. Through my education and experience I endeavor to present my opinion on issues from an informed perspective, relishing in the humility of uncertainty in favor of truth and objectivity. While none of us are free from the worldviews which shape our sight--we should never be afraid to test the assumptions that build them. This is the stuff of true faith. Selah.



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