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In Vietnam, Nha Trang is arguably the most recognizable resort town. It is indeed a paradise of natural splendor: white sand beaches overlooked by imposing mountain ranges with specks of dunes along the hillsides. The waters are clear, warm, and inviting--tempting beach-goers to explore the bounty of the Vietnamese ocean abyss.

And nestled among the many islands of the coast of Nha Trang, Vietnam, is the MerPerle Resort & Hotel. This hidden gem is a perfect marriage that couples the excitement of an all inclusive resort with the elegance and scale of a boutique hotel. With just a fifteen minute ferry ride from the coast, tourists can come enjoy their peace of paradise whether for a day or an overnight stay. The MerPerle offers an impressive selection of food and fun in various sections sowed along the coastline of this private island.

Concerning the construction, the buildings are luxurious and low profile--following the philosophy of doing more with less; a far cry from the more commercialized neighbors across bay. There ocean and garden view unites are decked out with high-grade furniture and finishings, granting guests a royal experience as if on some private island in the Mediterranean.The food is acceptable and decently presented, offering a diverse array cuisine spanning from East to West. This is especially good for Westerners whether young or old who prefer to enjoy some familiar comfort food after a hard days work of play on the beach, in the pool, or on the hills.

As far as relaxing goes, the spa services in MerPerle are exceptional and curiously eye catching. This is indebted to the cluster of open-air mud bath tubs embedded on the hillside, which warrant a try if not for its mere novelty. The pools are well designed with a smart tile-mosaic of various hues, giving swimmers the feeling of being immersed in a natural lagoon.

Perhaps the single most attractive feature which drew me to the MerPerle was the ocean activities. Guests can enjoy some of the novel ideas I've seen in a long time, including rides on mini-submarines and seafloor walking tours in space-suite style diving gear. These experiences alone are worth the trip to the island, yet there is still much more to enjoy.

But the real pearl of this oriental gem is the service. First off, I was received at the pier by Mr. Nguyen Tan Phat, Deputy General Manager. He ensured that I was checked in and adequately cared for by two remarkable staff members Ms. Trịnh Thanh Trúc and Mr. Quang Tuan. The warmth and generosity of the Vietnamese people was truly personified through these individuals, who spared no expense in receiving me as a guest.

To list just a few of their provisions, they provided me with the finest accommodation on the island, a guided tour, and water sport activities--not to mention Mr. Phat treating me to dinner on the house. What service! Mr. Tuan ensured I had ample supplies going as far as to obtain me batteries for my wireless mouse, while Ms. Trinh spent the day with me as a personal guide and camerawoman at the watersports park (see link for video in my blog below)! What's most amazing, is how Mr. Phat decided to treat to me for these afternoon activities in the sun, which were incredible.

First, I tried the underwater sea-walk experience which was incredible. I felt like a deep sea diver being dropped into the sea with a 40 pound air-filled helmet. It was rather frightening at first, however, knowing that a trained professional was caring for my every move--fear turned to fun. We proceeded to gently tread the seafloor in a column formation, enjoying a marvelous marine life show while being filmed underwater--another kind courtesy of the hotel management.

From there I resurfaced and mounted a jet ski to head out to high water. The experience was divine. I felt unfettered as I raced along the waves between the islands, soaking up both sea and sun in an adrenaline-filled sprint.

Finally after the exhausting afternoon of play I proceeded back to the pier to depart. My time at the MerPearl had come to an end, and just as I was received--I was seen off by the wonderful staff of whom I feel truly indebted to.

In short, this is by far one of the finest resorts in Vietnam--and highly recommended.

If you want to see more, check out my video below:

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