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Music and Meaning

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

We all seek peace of mind, and we find it through meaning. As rational, intelligent, and moral creatures we strive to make sense out of the world, to give meaning to life, and to bring order out of chaos. And we do this through worldviews: the conceptual frameworks by which we interpret our experiences and cope with reality. Worldviews are woven between education and experiences--the synthesis of theory and practice--and are constantly transforming in light of new learning. And while worldviews vary between liberals and conservatives, atheists and theists--one thing that doesn't vary--is that we all think ours is right. We all judge worldviews based on the quality and coherence of the evidence that makes them, just like the quality and coherence of the notes in a song.

That said, I doubt anyone would argue music to be a cacophony of noise in preference to a symphony sounds. Music is defined as the"expression of ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color", giving us an objective criteria of its character. The soothing structure and predictability of song gives us peace as we can make sense out of it and discover the genius behind its majesty. Yet despite our ability to praise composers for their musical mastery, we do the opposite when it comes to our worldviews. Against all intuition--we credit chaos with order and mind with madness--blind to the beauty of this wonderful creation.

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